Destinations and Trip Types

It’s not just the destination, but also who you choose to spend it with and why. We help you with it all! Some examples of trip “types” include:


-Fully customized individual, couple, or family trip


-Girls (or Guuuurls) Getaway


-Group Trip


-“Milestone” Vacation: Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Coming Out, Being More Fabulous Than You Were Yesterday


Once you have the “why,” then let’s do the “where:”


International Land Tours and Customized Vacations: Pick a Continent!


European architecture? The exotic Far East? Ruins of ancient South American empires? Knowing where you want to go is up to you. Getting you in the middle of the experience is up to us. From fully customized to fully escorted, GBFT will put together air, accommodation, and land packages that allow you to tick off every travel location on your bucket list.



River Cruises

Travel the historic rivers of Europe, Asia, and South America to experience your dream destination from a whole new perspective. GBFT will match you with the right river cruise to fit the type of getaway you're looking for with as much, or as little, activity as you wish.


All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean

Tropical beaches, luxurious rooms, relaxation over here, adventure over there, and food and alcohol included . . . all-inclusive resorts provide excellent value for any traveler - singles, couples, families, and friends!

Where We DON'T Go

There are some places that GBFTravels does not book because of the country’s stance on certain LGBT issues. If you REALLY want to visit one of these countries, I’m happy to refer you to one of my fantastic travel agent buddies who can help you.

Destination We're BoycottingWhyAlternative Suggestion
BermudaLess than a year after legalizing same-sex marriage, Bermuda reversed course in February 2018 by implementing a law that says same-sex couples can enter domestic partnerships but not marry.Anywhere in the Caribbean. There are lots of locations that are just as nice and easy to get to.
RussiaWith its antigay "propaganda" law, Russia is doing a great job with making clear that it’s not a safe destination for LGBT travelers. The nation seems to be getting worse when it comes to anti-LGBT sentiment, banning pride festivals and barring transgender people from driving (!).Estonia - it's right next door and is MUCH friendlier to it's LGBT citizens. It's super picturesque and the locals in Estonia are kind, generous and happy to share their country with travelers.

Where It's "Iffy"

These places are not terribly LGBT friendly, but are fine for the straight folks and for the savvy experienced LGBT traveler who still wants to go.

DestinationWhy It's IffyWhy We Still Sell It
JamaicaThe Jamaican government is not LGBT friendly. If you're targeted for being LGBT, don’t expect to be protected by the government.The resorts themselves are set up to be self-contained so you don't ever need to leave during your stay. The destination is fantastic for straight folks and their families. The resorts are also often very gay friendly, mostly because their parent company requires it of them.
EgyptThe Egyptian government has been known to attempt to lure gay men over the internet and via smart phones and then arrest them. Women traveling by themselves are often accosted by local men.Egypt offers one-of-a-kind historical sites that can't be found anywhere else in the world and there are many gay- and lesbian-friendly travel businesses and tour operators. Egypt is best experienced as a group or as a family.