About GBFT

Haaaaaaaaaaaaay all, Chad here! I'm the owner and lead travel agent for GBFTravels. We’re based out of Washington, DC but we serve clients all over the country.

I’ve been a travel agent for the past 6 years and I’ve had a blast sending my fantastic clients literally all over the world. During that time, I was able to determine who were my favorite and most fun clients to work with: women, LGBT folks, and their families. As a gay man, I felt the most comfortable with them: we could skip past feigned professionalism and have a real conversation about the type of travel they wanted, all while cutting it up and having a general good time! Thanks to that rapport, me and my clients could really get down to the nitty gritty of planning their ideal vacation and make it the best experience possible.

Why Use a Travel Agent

Using a travel agent is about saving you time, headache, and gaining access to deals and amenities you typically can’t find going it alone, not matter how diligently you search. The internet has revolutionized the ability to plan travel. But with great choice comes great confusion. A Google search for "Europe Vacation Ideas" yields over 37,000,000 results!

Why Use GBFTravels as Your Travel Agent

Ummmm why wouldn’t you?! As your super sassy travel agent, I help you pick the perfect trip by listening to what you want, developing the total idea of the trip, and then help you fill in all those details that put the finishing touches on your fantastic escape. I’m here for both the experienced and novice international traveler.

Your time is valuable, so my goal is to make sure your vacation is: 1.) fabulously fun, and 2.) as logistically smooth as possible, while still leaving room for the spontaneous, pleasantly unexpected, and unscheduled.

And yes, straight folks are welcome here as well! Just be ok with me calling you "darling," "honey," "sweety," "guuuuurl," or any number of other pet names! 😉